Paper Bag, Does it Better Than Single Use Plastic Bags?


Paper Bag, Does it Better Than Single Use Plastic Bags?

Single-use plastic bags were first introduced to the retail industry in 1977 and have become something that can’t be untangled in the retail industry until now. For over 44 years living together with single-use plastic bags, the environmental damage caused by single-use plastic bags can’t be avoided as high demand for single-use plastic bag usage all around the world. As YUURfriend knows, people nowadays could find single-use plastic bag waste everywhere which indicated that the world’s environmental damage caused by the single-use plastic bag is that execrable.

Responding to the problem, in the end, many people decided to changeover using paper bags because paper bags were considered more environmentally friendly. However, do YUURfriend considered that paper bag’s usage would really become a better option than single-use plastic bags? For answering this question let’s keep up with these few facts!

  1. Perception of paper bags is better than single-use plastic bags is not comes up based on scientific facts.
  2. Perception of how the paper bag is better than single-use plastic bag was based on a misconception about how plastic was made.
  3. In the production process (manufacture), a paper bag requires more raw materials than a single-use plastic bag.
  4. It’s hard to reuse a paper bag which already used, as a used paper bags more likely to break easily.
  5. Materials to produce paper bags were 100% comes from trees, then could YUURfriend imagine how many trees needed to be down for producing paper bags?

From the few facts above, do YUURfriend think that a paper bag is more environmentally friendly than a single-use plastic bag? The answer is “Yes” and “No”, and why is it like that? If we comparing single-use plastic bag with paper bag, indeed, the paper bag could more easily degrade but from a production point of view, since the paper bag was made from organic material which is a tree then it’s undoubtedly that many trees needed to be cut off to produce paper bag. This caused world polemics nowadays and the only best way out from it is @yuurbag!

YUURbag is a brand focusing on producing an eco-friendly shopping bag. Wherein 1 YUURbag consisted 6 plastic bottles waste that recycled with the latest machines. YUURfriend could customized design, color, size, anything whatever you like! And not only shopping bag! YUURbag also able to produce a pouch, pocket tissue holder, apron, toy box, lunch box, planter bag, and water bottle holder! What are you waiting for? Go shop your YUURbag now on tokopedia, shopee, or Instagram @yuurbag for a better future!

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