Indonesia, As the Best ASEAN Waste Suppliers


Indonesia, As the Best ASEAN Waste Suppliers

Indonesia is one of the largest economies in South East Asia, with a population as much as 276.361.783, which is 1.04 higher than the previous year (2020). This amount of the population makes Indonesia produce at least 64 million tonnes of waste per year. Based on United Nations Environment’s data, Indonesia stands in the first place as ASEAN’s highest quantity suppliers of municipal solid waste in South East Asia with 64.000.000 tonnes per year, followed by Thailand with 26.770.000 tonnes, Vietnam 22.020.000 tonnes, Philippines 14.660.000 tonnes, Malaysia 12.840.000 tonnes, and Myanmar with 841.508 tonnes per year.

These numbers could be increasing every year in the way with the boost of population growth in each country. Which made all of the countries above forced to be able to think futuristic, especially on behalf of controlling and managing their municipal solid waste. Indonesia, actually has the major regulations, projects, and strategies for their municipal solid waste. But this doesn’t mean they are all turned out to be well. Indonesia has reported having lacked infrastructures for supporting all of the planned programs because the governmental levels can’t implement and enforcing them well. As a result, all of the policies, projects, and strategies ended up being claptrap.

Even though Indonesia has national strategies for battling municipal solid waste, doesn’t mean the strategies turned out to be a big success. As we know, Indonesia currently standing in the first place as the biggest municipal solid waste supplier nation in Southern Asia. As a brand that has a high concern for Indonesia’s environmental issues, YUURbag tries its best for battling the issues with recycling plastic endlessly. As the outputs, YUURbag successfully producing some eco-friendly bags (shopping bag, pouch, pocket tissue holder, water bottle holder, planter bag, laundry bag, and many more) to reducing some part of municipal solid waste such as single-use plastic bags, tissue (plastic package), polybag, et cetera.

Using YUURbag you are involved in recycling plastic bottles, reducing plastic and single-use plastic bag usage, also supporting local business. If it is not started with you, then who else? Let’s save the environment started with using YUURbag!

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