Be More Meaningful Brand with “No Single-use Plastic” Policy


Be More Meaningful Brand with “No Single-use Plastic” Policy

The regulation of "no single-use plastic" in Indonesia has been made by the government for 41 regions as a way to preserve the environment. As reported through the liputan6 website, the 41 areas consist of 39 cities and 2 provinces. Despite this policy effectively applying to certain cities and places; Such as supermarkets and modern retail stores, but this is a good movement to engage awareness to preserve the environment. According to the Bogor City Government, the policy of no single-use plastic managed to reduce 250kg of daily plastic waste. And to support this policy, the government distributes free shopping bags that are environmentally friendly as an alternative to single-use plastic bags usage.

The government regulations against single-use plastics make companies evaluate their internal policies. Several well-known brands, gladly accept this policy. Gojek imposes a rule that every merchant has to provide a set of single-use plastic cutlery with payment. Not for free. Gramedia is committed to banning single-use plastic bags and provides environmentally-friendly shopping bags for its customers. Starbucks and Chatime also provide eco-friendly shopping bags and bamboo straws to reduce single-use plastic waste. The movement of these brands has been very well appreciated by the community. Many brands also engage in this movement, creating a solid and empowering no single-use plastic ecosystem.

Be More Meaningful Brand with No Single-use Plastic PolicyBe More Meaningful Brand with No Single-use Plastic Policy

Over the years, this movement has been started by the government and supported by various well-known brands to make the “no single-use plastic” ecosystem more prominent. Based on a survey by, the public sentiment about the single-use plastic crisis also has been formed. It’s a critical time for your brand to take part. Start creating a policy for only using eco-friendly shopping bags for your customers. You may also have to consider making custom products from environmentally-friendly materials to be the more meaningful brand. And for every need, you can trust Yuurbag!. We focus on recycling plastic and deliver any custom products with high-tech procedures, and create all your brand needs with more eco-friendly!.

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