7 Reasons Why You Should Do Recycle


7 Reasons Why You Should Do Recycle

We are all know how bad plastic waste impacting our environment. As a result, our ecosystem got damaged, many wildlife harmed and displaced, millions of animals are killed by plastics every year from marine organisms to land-based animals. Based on National Geographic, almost 700 species including the endangered species found dead cause affected by plastics. Mostly they are mistakenly assuming plastics as their foods, while many of them are facing starvation.

Besides affecting animals and wildlife, plastics are actually also having a big deal in our lives. As a human, you might accidentally eat plastics as nowadays we could find microplastics almost everywhere. You would never expect if the mineral water that you used to drink every day were actually containing microplastics, or maybe cereals you used to have every morning too. Creepy isn’t it?

For reducing all of those nightmarish, a smart millennial like you should start to make a move to embattle this problem. As the first step, you can start doing simple things such as reusing stuff that has been unused for years, reducing your daily plastic usage, and recycling. On this occasion let’s talk more about how important recycle and its benefits for us and the environment.

Before that, it would be good if you know benefits of why you should do recycle:

  1. Reduce consumption of energy
  2. Protecting Ecosystem and wildlife
  3. Reduce air and water pollution
  4. Conserving natural resources
  5. Reducing demand for raw materials
  6. Trimming climate-change carbon emissions
  7. Creating Jobs

All of the points above were benefits everyone would get if consistently doing recycle. It’s actually very important for us to do recycle following the environmental crisis that is happening around the world right now. YUURbag is a brand focusing on recycling plastic bottles (RPET) and developed it into many varieties of products such as shopping bags, planter bags, laundry bags, pouches, pocket tissue holders, etc. By using YUURbagyou are involved in recycling plastic bottles, and saving the environment.

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