6 Tips For Safe Grocery Shopping During Pandemic


6 Tips For Safe Grocery Shopping During Pandemic

It doesn’t felt like it has been a year, we have been lived closely with the pandemic of covid 19. A lot of things have happened during this pandemic. Change after change continues to be made in order to keep adapting our self and dealing with this current situation. And this also applied to grocery shopping. For keeping the wheels of the economy running up, several health protocols are implemented in all shopping centers such as traditional markets, and supermarkets to keep all society levels safe while shopping.

Here some tips from YUURbag for YUURfriend so you could be shopping safely and eco-friendly of course, please take it carefully ok!

  • Always Put your Mask on While Going Out
    Following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation about wearing masks as one of strategy to reduce and cut off the chain of covid 19 transmissions, YUURfriend is encouraged to using masks while going outside. This also applies while YUURfriend going to grocery shopping at the nearest traditional market or supermarket.
  • Make Sure to Wash Your Hands Before and After Shopping
    YUURfriend, don’t forget to keep maintaining your personal hygiene by consistently washing your hands after and before shopping to avoid bacteria and viruses
  • If Possible, Shop During Low-Traffic Hours
    Next tips, please do shop during low traffic hours with a low crowd such as during store opening and lunch break.
  • Keep maintaining social distancing
    While doing groceries shopping at the shopping center, do not forget to keep a safe distance to prevent the transmission of covid 19.
  • Reducing transactions with cash payment
    One of the ways to cut the transmission chain of covid 19, it would be better if YUURfriend start to switch using online payments while making transactions.
  • Bring Your Own Shopping Bag
    Carrying your own grocery shopping bag besides its safer, could also reducing the usage of single-use plastic bags so it’s more eco-friendly. Therefore, do not forget to bring your own grocery shopping bag, such as YUURbag.

YUURbag is a brand focusing on producing an eco-friendly shopping bag. Made from 6 plastic bottles recycled with high-tech machines, YUURbag is the right answer for experiencing eco-friendly grocery shopping at this pandemic situation. Grab your YUURbag right now on tokopedia, shopee, or Instagram @yuurbag!

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